Testimonials of Current and Past Salespeople
"I needed a good product that I could be proud to sell, a product that lived up to its hype, and a company that I could trust with my present paycheck and my future career, and Sales Double.com has been that company. I’ve been selling for Sales Double.com for over a year now and love the freedom, the product, the people, and mostly the paychecks. As long as they stay out of my territory, I would definitely recommend my job to other sales professionals."
Terrance Combs
Overland Park, Kansas
I love selling for Sales Double.com. When I first came on board I spent a week trying to find “the catch”. Sell just about one new client a day a product that helps them double their sales and I make a great income, there had to a catch. I can now say “I’m the catch” when I call business professionals because the smart ones listen about our proven success product and say “yes” when I trial close. There is no better company out there in our market and it feels good to have the highest quality but the lowest price. That catch is hard to find these days."
Steven Lyons
Tampa, Florida
"I worked in corporate sales for 15 years before I decided to pursue a work from home position so I could spend more time with my family. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there, so I feel so lucky to have found the opportunity with SalesDouble. They are a legitimate company that provides me a good supplementatl income while allowing me to continue to use my sales skills from the convenience of my own home office."
Jacqueline Bard-Smith
Mission Viejo, California
"I have sold everything from credit card protection to long distance to corporate consulting. I consider myself a true phone sales professional. If it's a good product or service, I can sell it. I'm now a sales VP for a Fortune 1000 company, but when I got laid off in 2009 due to the economy, I gave SalesDouble a try, and worked with them for about six months. I would highly recommend them anyone looking for a good quality work from home sales position. The only reason I left is because I was looking for a position in management at a large company."
Mike W.
Dallas, Texas

Disclaimer: The sales position advertised is a legitmate commission only sales job that allows you to work from your home office. It is not multilevel, and no one will ever ask you for money.

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