Frequently Asked Questions
How often and quickly do I get paid?
You will get paid on a weekly cycle. You will probably make sales your very first week so the following week a check will be sent for the sales commissions you earned the previous week and that will continue as long as you do. You can also sign up for direct deposit.
Do you offer any benefits?
Health, dental, 401k, and a parking spot, the answer is no. Benefits of freedom and opportunity, the answer is a big yes. You are an independent contractor and will receive a 1099 at the end of the year and no taxes removed by us for your earnings. Since you are an independent contractor you may be able to write off certain expenses since you are self employed. We suggest you talk to your tax advisor for more information.
Is there flexibility on the amount of hours I work or must I work 40 hours weekly?
Since you are an independent contractor we cannot tell you how many hours to work. You may work 20 or 40 or 60, the choice is yours. Obviously, the more time you put in, the more sales you'll get and the more money you will make, but it's up to you !
I have an upcoming event that I must leave for and will not be able to work a few weeks, am I still eligible?
Absolutely. Since you are an independent contractor you may take off as much time as you like. We ask that you notify your Sales Manager so that we keep your account active and don't send you any time sensitive leads if you are not there to handle them.
Am I allowed to sell however I want or must I follow your method verbatim?
As an independent contractor you may operate however you choose. However, upon hiring you represent our company and our product and we are quite protective of our reputation and want no miscommunications developing into conflicts. Basically we are looking for an individual with talent to help seize a great opportunity and we expect that person to be completely honest and above board in all dealings.
I’ve submitted all my data and have not heard back. What is the next step?
If you have moved through the hiring process by submitting the application and have not heard back within a week or two, then either the position has probably been filled or we have your information on hold for future use.
I tried to provide a resume and could not find a place to submit my resume. Is there a place to submit?
We don't accept standard resumes, as we're not interested in who can write the best resume. We ask that you fill out our online application as we can focus on the skills that are appropriate for this position.
I don't see a phone number for the hiring department ?
We ask that all applications be submitted through our website. We literally have hundreds of applications a week, so we cannot speak to everyone over the phone. Please do not call the main SalesDouble customer service line or sales department as they will simply redirect you to this website. 

Disclaimer: The sales position advertised is a legitmate commission only sales job that allows you to work from your home office. It is not multilevel, and no one will ever ask you for money.

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